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Together with selected partners KLM Jet Center can provide almost any service and product you require during your stay at Schiphol or Rotterdam Airport. Feel free to contact us on specific requirements you might have.

Standard handling fees

Category MTOW Fee Remarks
CAT01 < 03 133  
CAT02 03 - 06 213  
CAT03 06 - 10 293  
CAT04 10 - 15 346  
CAT05 15 - 32 432  
CAT06 32 - 45 645  
CAT07 45 - 50 1146  
CAT08 > 50 on request  



Additional handling fees

 -  PPR night handling surcharge (requested before 20:00 local) 450 occ
 -  Unannounced night handling surcharge 600 occ
 -  Security charge for night opening Amsterdam GAT 80 hour
PASSENGER CHARGES (calculated separately for both in- and outbound leg)
 -  Fee per passenger if the total number exceeds 10 5.50 pax
HANDLING ON PUBLIC HOLIDAYS (arrival or departure)
 -  50% surcharge with a minimum of 200 on:    
  . New Years day    
  . Easter Monday    
  . Christmas day    
  . Boxing day    
DISBURSEMENTS (not applicable if handling is paid with credit card or in cash)
 -  10% surcharge on all third party cost with a maximum of 125    



Included service items

 -  Crew and passenger transportation between Aircraft and GA Terminal
 -  Handling of Customs General Decleration (GENDEC)
 -  Full weather brief and NOTAM information
 -  Fuel company liaison
 -  VIP caterer liaison
 -  Flightplan assistance
 -  Airport Slots request and confirmation with SACN
 -  Non-exclusive use of passengers VIP lounges for flights with less then 10 passengers
 -  Transportation to or from Main Terminal for connecting AF/KL flights
 -  All service items as listed above
 -  Toilet service (subject availability Jet Center GSE)
 -  1 hour use of ground power unit (subject availability Jet Center GSE)





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RNAV1 Mandatory

As per November 1st RNAV1 will be mandatory at Schiphol Airport.

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Dutch VAT increase

The Dutch VAT rate is increased from 19% to 21% on October 1st, 2012




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