Aviation fuel


Having our own, dedicated GA refueling service on both Amsterdam and Rotterdam guarantees your on-time delivery; Whenever you need it, whatever you need!

Our on demand availability makes KLM Jet Center the obvious choice for quick turnarounds and enroute fuelstops.


Contracted rates

If you are looking for KLM Jet Center contracted rates please contact Edwin Niemoller. You can also send an e-mail to info@jetcenter.nl using Fuel Quotation as subject. We will respond to your request as soon as possible.



Ad-hoc fuel rates

Discounts are taken of the monthly Posted Airfield Prices
Uplift in Liters Discount Remarks
< 500 5%  
500 - 2500 10%  
2500 - 5000 15%  
> 5000 20%  



Fees & Taxes

As per January 1st 2015
  Amsterdam Rotterdam Remarks
Airport concession fee 3.03 2.38 per 1000 liter (m3)
Airport system fee 3.10 - per 1000 liter (m3)
CSO fee 3.60 3.87 per 1000 liter (m3)
Excise Duty Tax 490.06 490.06 per 1000 liter (m3)
VAT 21% 21%  



Accepted fuel carnets or releases

For contract refuelling without a valid carnet a pre-release of your agent is required
- UV Air FRP = Yes
- Multi Service FRP = Yes
- World Fuel Service | WFS FRP = Yes
- Avcard FRP = Yes
- BP Sterling Card FRP = No
- AvFuel FRP = Yes
- JetEx FRP = Yes
- Rockwel Collins | Air Routing International FRP = Yes
- United Aviation Services | UAS FRP = Yes



Excise Duty Tax and VAT regulations

Excise Duty Tax

According to Article 21 of the "uitvoeringsbesluit Accijns" all fuel purchased for propulsion of commercial flights are exempted from Excise Duty Tax. Basically this means that all NON-private and NON-leisure flights are exempted. In order for KLM Jet Center to meets its obligations towards the current legislation and the agreed working procedures with Dutch Customs we need to have the following information on file:




A valid AOC or ACC stating that your company is permitted to conduct international public transport.




A valid company address supplemented with your VAT or Tax Return Number.


It is important that you fill out the Excise Declaration on our fuel tickets. Please circle Y if your company wants to claim the Excise Duty Tax exemption. KLM Jet Center accounting will make a final check to see if all obligations are met before finalizing the invoice. Incomplete information can lead to a correction of your fuelticket and the consequential charge of Excise Duty Tax.



Value Added Tax (VAT)






Jet Aviation acquires KLM Jet Center in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

October 1, 2018 Jet Aviation announced today that it has completed ...

Jet Aviation acquires KLM Jet Center in Amsterdam and Rotterdam



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RNAV1 Mandatory

As per November 1st RNAV1 will be mandatory at Schiphol Airport.

RNAV1 mandatory



Dutch VAT increase

The Dutch VAT rate is increased from 19% to 21% on October 1st, 2012




Partnership JetSupport

We are proud to announce a partnership with JetSupport Maintenance. This strategic combination is able to offer a wide variety of business aviation related services...