Your input is a very important ingredient for ‘fueling’ our Quality and Safety Management System. With the introduction of CARE we aim to achieve a higher level of safety, security and, ultimately, awareness within our day-to-day operation. Working with feedback from customers, staff and management will support our goal


CARE represents our key values for implementing and maintaining high standards in respect to Safety and Quality:


C ommunicate
  Create an open culture where communication between clients, employees and management is the foundation for improvement.
A ppreciate
  Appreciate all input. Even a complaint gives us the opportunity to become a safer and better organization.
R espond
  Don’t just make plans, respond actively to feedback and live by our motto; “Consider it done!”
E mpower
  Create an environment where employees have the strength and confidence to take initiatives.


After we recieve your input we will evaluate the issue and try to come up with a sustainable solution. At the beginning of this process you will receive an unique ID number which we will use to keep you informed on further progress and possible solutions.


We are looking forward to receiving your feedback.


Edwin P. Niemoller

FBO Director





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